Lisa Lân – exquisite Welsh folk song

Bûm yn dy garu lawer gwaith
Do lawer awr mewn mwynder maith
Bum yn dy gusanu Lisa gêl
Yr oedd dy gwmni’n well na’r mêl

Fy nghangen lân, fy nghowlad glyd
Tydi yw’r lanaf yn y byd
Tydi sy’n peri poen a chri
A thi sy’n dwyn fy mywyd i

Pan fyddwy’n rhodio gyda’r dydd
Fy nghalon fach sy’n mynd yn brudd
Wrth glywed swn yr adar mân
Daw hiraeth mawr am Lisa Lân

Lisa, a ddoi di i’m danfon i
I roi fy ngorff mewn daear ddu?
Gobeithio ddoi di, f’annwyl ffrind
Hyd lan y bedd, lle’r wyf yn mynd.


I have loved you many times
Yes many an hour in prolonged tenderness
I have kissed you, mysterious Lisa
And your company was better than honey.

My pure bough, my warm embrace
You are the purest in the world
You cause pain and anguish
And it is you who steals my life.

When I was strolling at nightfall
My little heart melted like wax
On hearing the sound of the little birds
I feel great longing for Lisa Lân.

Lisa will you escort me
To place my body in black earth?
I hope you will come, my dear friend
To the side of the grave where I am going.

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