Latin verse inscription on Jewish tomb in catacombs

hic Regina sita est tali contecta sepulcro
quod coniunx statuit respondens eius amori.
haec post bis denos secum transsegerat annum
et quartum mensem restantibus octo diebus;
rursum victura reditura ad lumina rursum.
nam sperare potest ideo quod surgat in aevom
promissum, quae vera fides, dignisque piisque
quae meruit sedem venerandi ruris habere.
hoc tibi praestiterit pietas, hoc vita pudica,
hoc et amor generis hoc observantia legis,
coniugii meritum cuius tibi gloria curae.
horum factorum tibi sunt speranda futura,
de quibus et coniunx maestus solacia quaerit.

Here lies Regina covered by such a tomb, which her husband set up as fitting to his love. After twice ten years she spent with him one year, four months and eight days more. She will live again, return to the light again, for she can hope that she will rise to the life promised, as a real assurance, to the worthy and the pious, in that she has deserved to possess an abode in the hallowed land. This your piety has assured you, this your chaste life, this your love for your people, this your observance of the Law, your devotion to your wedlock, the glory of which was dear to you. For all these deeds your hope of the future is assured. In this your sorrowing husband seeks his comfort.

Translation from P.W. van der Horst, Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity: essays on their interaction (1998) p. 39. See:

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